VP and LB: Partners in Decision Making and Execution

Decision making

VP and LB generate one or more decisions using contextual and direct logic respectively

VP processes the decisions generated in the above step

VP judges which of the decisions are suitable for execution using simple logic

VP uses LB's assistance when complex logic is involved

Based on the above steps…

VP finalizes the decision it finds appropriate for execution

(repeat steps for decisions based on multiple dependences and further deliberations)


VP instigates execution of the finalized decision as and when required

VP communicates with LB and/or itself if required in the execution process

Where physical actions are involved, VP guides LB in execution, in which…

LB executes preset (inherited) parts of such physical actions on its own

When repetitive physical actions are involved, LB executes them on its own

When condition based physical actions are involved, LB executes them on reaching such conditions

Note: High confidence levels of LB influence (i.e. bias) the decision making and execution process at any stage, up to a level where VP refrains from making and/or executing them

Father & Son Analogy

Decision Making: Summary and Flowchart

The above topic explains roles and responsibilities of VP and LB in decision making and execution of interactions.

VP, LB and Mind Related Phenomena

In a majority of population, LB is located in interaction processing areas of the left hemisphere and VP is located in interaction processing areas of the right hemisphere of the brain. Below are their relations to the fundamental phenomena of mind.

Thoughts are communication within and between VP and LB

Decisions result out of VP's processing with LB or itself

Judgments are decisions finalized by VP

Intentions are action plans based on VP's finalized decisions

Attention is about the topic that is being processed by VP

Attentional Limit is the limit constrained by serial processing in communication involving VP (multitasking limit)

Free Will is enabled by VP's flexibility to judge and finalize solutions empowered by its wisdom

Intentionality (Philosophy) is the intention of VP-LB communication

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