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The mechanism of natural selection works on the premise that nature selects, i.e. favors, organisms for survival based on their inheritance of characteristics that allow them to survive and reproduce better than other organisms of their species that do not have such characteristics. Continuous addition and optimization by favoring better and better survival and reproduction characteristics in every passing generation for a period of millions of years has resulted into organisms accumulating a very high number of highly optimized characteristics favoring survival and reproduction based on their environments and ecosystems, which has been responsible not only for physical development of the body, but also mental development in a highly optimized manner, as it has the same physical basis and is a part of the same goal-driven activity.


The actions to aid such survival and reproduction tendencies are driven by pre-programmed software that is embedded in them in the form of instincts. Examples of human instincts are to imitate, to grasp objects, etc. As the DOS model uses software analogy through their common means of information processing (besides other aspects explained later), I will compare instincts to biologically driven versions of computer software whose goal is to do or favour tasks they are programmed for, e.g. the goal of anti-virus software is to remove and guard a computer from viruses. The major difference between anti-virus software and instincts is that anti-virus software always run through pre-programmed actions to reach the goal of protecting the computer from viruses, whereas instincts are fixed programs (more under title Hard-Wired Interactions) that help organisms to further program their day-to-day interactions in real time in order to dynamically satisfy their goals of survival and reproduction (explained in detail later). Such interactions are based on conditions like their status, time, internal and external environmental triggers.

As time passes by and as organisms process their experiences using such pre-programmed instincts, their interactions mature into being capable of reaching their goals of survival and reproduction based on their environment and conditions in an optimized manner.

The Process of Evolution – Too Good to be True?

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