Section 5

Forthcoming Work

Phenomena like imagination, attitude, feelings, etc., may not become as obvious through DF analysis as what is explained in Section 4 (more under title Intuitiveness of DF Analysis), but may need some effort.

In order to explain mind further, in my forthcoming work, I will use DF analysis to explain following topics in a single, coherent framework (which include deeper explanations of some topics introduced till now):

Alcohol addiction, alertness, animal consciousness, animal intelligence, attention, attitude, awareness, cognition, complex thinking, concepts, creativity, death, dreams, experience processing, hallucinations, hypnosis, imagination, intelligence, intuition, language, lateral thinking, lucid dreaming, meditation, memory handling, multimodal integration, selfhood, sleep, subconscious and unconscious, subjective experiences, thinking and thoughts, tobacco addiction, etc. While explaining above topics, many facts emerge in the process which are not sought-after, as they are either deemed to be unimportant or the effort to study them is high, as the current understanding on the subject does not lead to any conclusions. Some examples are: Why some people have habits like biting nails, shaking legs, etc., while doing other tasks? What is laziness? Why do people take vacations and weekly offs? Why do people dream of ordinary day-to-day experiences that do not matter to them? And many more.

Topics related to the study of brain, mind and consciousness, e.g. the Chinese room argument, phenomenon of blindsight, binocular rivalry, change blindness, attentional blink, etc., some of which may be somewhat obvious to you by now, will also be covered.

Additional to benefiting day-to-day life of a common man, the discoveries can benefit patients with medical conditions like autism (as explained under title DF Analysis and Autism), multiple personality disorder (as explained under title DF Analysis and Multiple Personal B-ROMs), schizophrenia, etc.

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