Section 3

Dichotomized Functional Analysis - Introduction

The DOS model ties up all mind functions into a single, coherent framework, making it an important component to brain and mind studies not only to understand them better, but discover more by looking at them from the functional point of view using the DOS model, a process I call "Dichotomized Functional Analysis" (DF Analysis).

DF Analysis is the process of studying functioning of mind using rules and components of the DOS model, which can be used as a tool to analyze, explain and understand all functions of mind. It can also be used to resolve a range of problems spanning from day-to-day life phenomena to mental disorders.

In the fIn the forthcoming (more under title Forthcoming Work will extensively use DF Analysis to explain all phenomena related to mind through my discoveries of various other DOS mechanisms.

Cumulative Advantage

Functions of mind discovered using DF analysis become a part of the DOS model, thereby enriching it. The model, thus enriched, facilitates richer analysis, results of which again become a part of the DOS model, enriching it even further, and so on, offering it an ever growing cumulative advantage.

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