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Pain Perception: Similar to the perception process explained earlier, to perceive damage, LB searches for sensory data of same or similar type that was stored on earlier occasions in the sensory database, whereas VP explores its related information in the B-ROM.

Additionally, the information of how detrimental the damage is to the self is also stored, which is either 1) summarized information of past experiences and/or knowledge gained in the past, which is stored in B-ROM by VP (unless it is highly repetitive and/or time-critical, in which case it eventually gets stored in LB) or 2) information hard-wired from earlier generations, which is stored in LB, which is perceived unconsciously (more under title Hard-Wired Interactions).

Besides intensity values sent by pain receptors, which, as mentioned earlier, are based on the estimated severity of damage, VP also uses such perception to assign additional consciousness, as perceiving the damaged area this way is another form of evaluating the severity of damage, but which is based on past experiences.

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