Perceived Slow Development

In cases with good VP-LB communication (but affected or no CB-ROMs), on repetitive occurrences, empathizing behaviour (as mentioned under title Implicit Processing) gets stored in LB for the reason that it can be recalled and run by it when needed in order to save VP utilization time (more under title Repetitive Interactions and Condition Based Repetitive Interactions). As such behaviour emerges from LB (in grown ups), it appears as if it has emerged from the same inner feelings that normal people have, but which in reality does not arise as a result of existence of CB-ROMs. In such cases, even without the capability of empathizing, it appears that the affected person is empathizing through his inner feelings. Also, as repetitive behaviour takes time to get stored in LB (i.e. based on number of repetitions), it appears that it is the same development as with normal, non-autistic people, but the development is slower, which is not the case.

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