Modifying Hard-Wired Interactions

As mentioned earlier, inherited strength is not a fixed phenomenon. It can be modified through intramural communication.

In detail: Based on experiences being received, if the need to remove or modify interactions of first and third types becomes essential for further operations in the current generation (which can be caused naturally or by deliberate effort) it is accomplished if strength of the result provided by intramural communication corresponding to it exceeds their inherited strength. Putting it differently, inherited strength of an interaction can be modified if the perceived strength of decision corresponding to it (which is provided by VP through intramural communication) surpasses it.

E.g., if you have fear (i.e. phobia) of dogs, it is possible to overcome it by using intramural communication in a particular way – or – If you do not like a particular smell, it is possible for you to modify it using intramural communication in a particular way.

Alternate Situations – The Inter-generation Effect

As they run through generations, even interactions based on alternative conditions favouring different possible situations that were encountered in previous generations, which may not occur in every generation, are hard-wired, as made possible by the enormous information storage space available in DNA.

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