Male-Female Ratio in Autism

The skewed 4:1 male-female ratio in autism has nothing to do with the disorder, but the way male and female brains are designed and built by the evolutionary process, in which males have stronger LBs and females have stronger VPs. Differences in male and female brains and their resulting mental tendencies, behaviours and capabilities are fallout of the same.

In detail: In the evolutionary process, to ensure healthy propagation and upbringing of the progeny thereafter, two fundamental qualities are needed, which are craving to copulate and caring attitude respectively.

Both have different execution strategies at their core, i.e. craving needs to be executed on here-&-now basis, whereas caring needs past-&-future considerations, and thus, require different mechanisms when it comes to optimized executions. Putting it differently, it is not possible to effectively execute caring and craving behaviours in highly optimized manner in the same mechanism, as in such case, the capability of making free will decisions can cause bias in the population towards any one of the qualities.

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