More Complex System Needed for Humans

Human interactions are very much dependent on intelligently analyzing its environment, which it does using perceptions (more under title Perception), which can be fuzzy and thus, may not always depict true reality.

Factors related to perception:

  • Perceptions may be misguided by necessities, needs, expectations, desires, etc.
  • Perceptions may be biased based on context.
  • Perceptions based on sensory stimuli may miss out on certain fine, subtle details which are critical in identifying the perceived object
  • Perceptions based on sensory stimuli may contain errors resulting from visual, audio, tactile, etc. illusions
  • Perceptions may be flawed due to abnormal medical conditions
  • Perceptions may be misguided by errors in detecting other people's behaviour, and thus, their intentions, which may also be deceptive
  • Perceptions may be misguided by poorly understood concepts, which may also result from the above
  • Perceptions may be misguided as a result of reacting to other people's erroneous actions and reactions based on the points mentioned above, as they apply to them too, which may snowball into further deterioration, as interactions between humans are interdependent and cumulative, and,
  • Combinations of the above

Because of the above factors, human interactive processing needs a much more complex system in order to benefit from current and future interactions, which is based on the optimization instinct offered by the evolutionary process.

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