LB adding realism in generation and switching

LB executing the switching of MLB-ROMs instead of VP offers the perception of reality based on the following reasons:

  • Generation: The reason why LB stores B-ROM data for MLB-ROMs (even when in normal cases VP does so), is that VP can only store data for CB-ROMs, which are B-ROMs that are to be used for others (more under title CB-ROM), which do not offer change in reality, as they cannot be set as a default B-ROM. Only default B-ROM can supply perceptions of the "self" to VP.

  • Switching: LB controlling switching of MLB-ROMs to the default personal B-ROM offers realism, as the person is not aware of the process of switching the default B-ROM (which is based on the fact that only VP can assign consciousness)

This phenomenon is called Dissociative Identity Disorder, or by the more appropriate name of Multiple Personality Disorder, where the affected person has, and switches between, multiple different personalities, called alters, without having conscious control of switching them (in most cases).

Note: Along with personal B-ROM, many normal people also build one or more sub-personal B-ROMs for various purposes (e.g. for the purpose of role-playing, deception, etc.), the switching of which is intentional and under their control.

The above demonstrates how the baffling mystery of Multiple Personality Disorder, the basis of which is not known (other than the fact that it is connected to bad childhood), can be easily revealed using DF analysis.

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