The explanation of IPS mentioned in the previous topic uses communication between VP and LB. An example for the same is when you feel like eating a cake while on a weight loss diet, you have to make a decision whether to have the pleasure of eating it or avoid it. In other words, should you enjoy the moment (i.e. LB – no consideration of past and/or future) or consider that it will result into weight gain in future, which is based on knowledge received in the past being projected into the future (i.e. VP – consideration of past and/or future).

In most cases, communications in the IPS additionally require LB and/or VP to dialogue internally. Based on the same, I've designated them as monologues, i.e., VP Monologue or LB Monologue, as explained in the following topics.

VP Monologue: A VP Monologue is where two or more past experiences and/or future projections are considered, without the involvement of LB, commonly known as mulling over a subject. An example for the same is a student contemplating between colleges to get admission, where he projects data received in the past into future to make a decision. As VP is not a powerful logic processor, the logic used in VP Monologues is simple.

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