Inherited Strength

The bit-by-bit additive strength offered by the phenomenon of inherited strength offers both, advantages and disadvantages.

In detail: As mentioned earlier, additive inheritance of strength is advantageous in the way it apparently offers ever increasing intelligence to the mankind, which is based on the fact that IPS, which is designed to optimize experiences through intelligence, contributes to the same in each generation.

The same phenomenon is disadvantageous in certain first type of interactions. The bit-by-bit increase of inherited strength of such interactions over the generations is one of the main reasons why some people have not only more than normal, but sometimes excessive and unreasonably high fear of certain objects or situations, which is known as phobias (it is known that some phobias are hereditary, but the mechanism of additive inherited strength mentioned above is not known).

The phenomena of inherited strength and LB information accumulation enable human beings to learn and interact with their environment throughout their lifespan. Even when both of them are realized in different ways, what they do is the same, i.e. accumulate information on multiple occasions and make it available in future, revealing the fact that 1) evolution is not only inter-generation, but an intra-generation phenomenon and 2) evolution is not process oriented, but result oriented.

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