General Trends in B-ROM Utilization

A high amount of to-&-fro communication between VP and LB is required to form B-ROMs over a period of time, which consumes a high amount of overall energy. Following are the general trends that can be seen in most people, which are based on 1) the instinct of saving such energy and 2) saving VP utilization time (more under title VP Utilization Time), which are based on significance of the interactions, physical or social constrains and level of B-ROM development:

  • Interactions guided by or learnt from external sources or from experiences with others are stored and recalled from the memory to execute them without processing through VP-LB dialogue (more under title No IPS Utilization)
  • As minds of people from geographical locations, race, clans, religions, etc., tend to have some common characteristics (many of which are a result of inherited strength being passed over to next generation – more under title Inherited Strength), there is a tendency of stereotyping other people, which saves VP utilization time for the same
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