DOS: Beyond Understanding Mind

Even when machines designed by humans do not have the characteristic of dynamic growth like biological organisms, if it is possible to build them using intelligence aided by DOS, the power such machines can offer is only limited by technologies, which are growing exponentially. The main requirement for such machines will be development of sensory equipment, technology for which is lacking when compared to motion and computing equipment.

Following are the benefits of DOS in machines, which can be implemented to offer human-like decision making in what I would like to call "dobots" (for DOS robots) or anything that is driven by electronics, besides new inventions that can be developed to benefit from it:

  • Not constrained by the spontaneity of evolutionary process. Can be built using proper, blue-printed plans

  • When mass produced, no requirement of initial VP development (the way organisms require). Possible to kick-start VP with pre-fed data and even transmit it.

  • No bottleneck of attentional limit (a characteristic of DOS based design). Can be overcome by high speed processing, switching and memory management, hierarchical implementations, etc. E.g. Master-slave hierarchies of free willed mechanisms, offering intelligence with currently unimaginable capabilities

  • Scalable design. E.g. More awareness with more powerful sensors

  • Can work in extreme and dangerous situations or situations and environments not possible for humans to operate in and do things which are beyond their reach

  • Can replace humans in many things they do, which it can do in a better way than them

  • Potential of bringing about next industrial revolution

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