Gender and Personality

Over thousands of generations, human brains have evolved based on different, gender specific execution strategies driven by the survival and reproduction goals of the evolutionary process, where the survival aspect is driven by stronger VPs in females and the reproduction aspect is driven by stronger LBs in males. The institution of marriage is designed by the evolutionary process to optimize such goals and differences in male and female brains and their personalities, behaviors, capabilities, etc. are fallout of the same.

In detail: To ensure healthy human propagation (reproduction) and upbringing of the offsprings (survival) thereafter, two fundamental qualities are required in the evolutionary process, which are having craving for copulation and having caring attitude for others respectively. Both have different execution strategies at their core, i.e. craving needs to be executed on here-&-now basis, whereas caring needs past-&-future considerations, and thus, require different mechanisms. It is not possible to execute such different mechanisms in optimized manner in the same DOS (i.e. brain) - the way a miser cannot be a spendthrift.

Furthermore, running both mechanisms in the same DOS, even if not in optimized manner, may result into bias of the population towards any one of such qualities, as can be made possible by the capability of making free will decisions (more under title Free Will – in detail).

As caring is important for survival and craving for copulation is important for reproduction, to ensure their balance in the overall population, the evolutionary process has distributed such qualities amongst genders, resulting into males being more prone to having mechanisms designed to boost craving for copulation and females being more prone to having mechanisms designed to boost caring for others, which are explained in the next topic.

Gender Distribution

As caring behavior involves thinking from other people's points of view, a process which involves CB-ROMs, after thousands of generations, the same has resulted into females having more inherited strength (more under title Inherited Strength) of building CB-ROMs as compared to males, resulting into better CB-ROM processing in females, while making the process of building CB-ROMs more demanding in males. Lesser utilization of CB-ROMs makes LB processing more powerful in males, as it is utilized more in the decision making processes.

Note: In a majority of population, VP is located in the right hemisphere and LB is located in the left hemisphere, however, as that is not the case in the entire population, I'm using the terms VP and LB instead of using the terms right hemisphere and left hemisphere respectively.

Above is the reason why females are typically more social, emotional, creative, empathizing, caring, etc., all of which require past and future processing, i.e. VP (B-ROM and CB-ROM) specific skills, while males are more logical, rational, task-oriented, detail oriented, etc. all of which require logical processing, i.e. LB specific skills.

An example of the same is the reason why in commercial airlines machines are typically handled by males and people are handled by females.

(The phenomena mentioned above matches observations of the Empathize-Systemize Theory, i.e. E-S theory, developed by Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen).

As CB-ROMs use B-ROM for most of their operations, B-ROM processing of females is different than that of males, which results into females having fundamentally different personalities than males (more under title B-ROM and Personality).

As autism is associated with mind-blindness, i.e. lack of CB-ROMs, and as building CB-ROMs is more demanding in males, they are more susceptible to autism, as can be seen in the autistic population (in detail DF Analysis and Autism).

Institution of Marriage

Since time immemorial, a majority of people in the world have spent more than half their lives in the bonding of marriage, but the scientific reasoning behind such a ubiquitous phenomenon is not known.

Below is the core reason why the institution of marriage came into existence.

With the qualities of craving for copulation in males satisfying the reproduction aspect of the evolutionary process by ensuring production of offsprings and caring attitude of females ensuring the survival aspect of the evolutionary process by taking care of such offsprings, males may haphazardly copulate with multiple females and vice versa, leaving little support for their offsprings.

It is beneficial for those responsible for the offsprings to enter into a bond to optimize their care, which can also address other aspects of caring, e.g. earning livelihood, which cannot be optimally done while taking care of the offsprings personally. The institution of marriage is designed to optimize such fundamental goals of the evolutionary process.

Monogamy: Furthermore, if a person marries multiple partners, the possibility of clash between such multiple partners and their offsprings may fail the purpose of providing good care to them. To further optimize goals of the evolutionary process, the system of monogamous marriage is followed.

Pregnancy: Caring attitude in females and craving attitude in males is the reason why the evolutionary process has awarded pregnancy to the female gender and causing it to the male gender.

Craving for copulation in males is the driving force behind violence against women, rapes, etc. and is the reason why porn industry is male oriented.

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