Consciousness Switching

As VP is a serial processor, it is not possible for it to attend to both physical and mental processes at the same time, i.e. VP cannot consider both sensory data and intramural communication simultaneously in order to assign sensory consciousness and intramural consciousness respectively. Because of such limitation, it has to switch between the two.

In detail: When VP is busy in intramural communication, it is not possible for it to assign consciousness to anything other than such communication, as it can process only one task at a time (more under title Attentional Limit - in detail).

To deal with both, VP assigns intramural consciousness by default. It is only when it receives intensity value of sensory data which is higher than the threshold value mentioned earlier, that it switches to sensory consciousness. In other words, when the host body receives a physical interaction whose intensity value is above the threshold mentioned earlier, LB curtails the ongoing intramural communication and instead, communicates information about its location and the extent of area generating it, along with the intensity values of sensory data to VP, proportional to which, VP assigns consciousness to the area, i.e. sensory consciousness.

If a section of the ongoing intramural communication requires judgmental power, VP changes the topic of such communication to that section in order to judge further interaction with it. The level of consciousness VP assigns to that section is based on how much significance it perceives for it, which it evaluates using past data in B-ROM (and using future projections, if required).

In other words, if you are thinking of driving to the other side of town to procure a product and realize that your car does not have fuel, VP will change the topic from driving to the other side of town to refuelling your car, while assigning higher level of consciousness to it (i.e. intramural consciousness), which is based on the significance to procure the product. On the other hand, if you are thinking of something while crossing the road and you see a speeding car coming in your direction, VP will change the topic to how to get out of the way, to which it will assign higher level of consciousness, which is based on its significance to your survival.

After getting processed by IPS, if the judgment finalized by VP requires any action to be taken, upon getting its logic validated from LB (time permitting), VP guides LB to execute it.

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