Considering Others

Lack of or underdeveloped CB-ROMs affect any interaction that is needed by a person to consider another person's point of view, as he will not know the effects of his actions on others, even when he can consider another person as an entity.

E.g. When a person lies to reach a goal, he needs to convince the other person that he is not lying, otherwise it does not work. For this, he needs to consider hierarchies of conditions that arise out of lying, which is from that person's point of view (based on the person's knowledge and beliefs) and interact accordingly. When an autistic person (lacking or having underdeveloped CB-ROMs) lies, he cannot do so convincingly, as he is unable to build his interactions on another person's points of view. What's more, he does not even care for the same to be convincing, as that too needs to be considered from another person's point of view.

Another example is language. Language difficulties can be seen in some cases of autism, which is based on the fact that the need to learn and use language arises when one wants to communicate with others. A growing child's communication is full of knowledge learnt from other people. Because of the same, his intramural communication is full of considering other people and their points of view. With lack of or underdeveloped CB-ROMs, a child's intramural communication containing other people and their points of view is drastically reduced, which otherwise occupies largest portion of his communication. As language develops out of intramural communication in the childhood, it gets affected, resulting into language difficulties (other examples being understanding gestures, pointed directions and other non-verbal communication, as they all need to consider other people's points of view).

But then, not considering others or their points of view does not result into the child not wanting to communicate with others, as communicating with others is a must when it comes to fulfilling his goals while dealing with day-to-day life.

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