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How to deal with it:  Superiority bias is a tool, and based on how you use it, it can be beneficial or detrimental to your goals.

If you find yourself superior in any aspects, utilize it as a tool to reach your goal, but remember that such a goal should not be a product of your superiority bias, or else, you will be lost into the status of being superior instead of utilizing it to reach your goal. In simple words, never make the status your goal - use it as a tool to reach it.

The same can be illustrated by the following example: While travelling in a high speed sports car owned by you, don't feel superior about the status of your ownership of the car, but that it is a tool that will lead you to your destination faster.

The most common analogy for the same is how a person handles wealth: If you are given loads of money, you can either splurge it or use it methodically to earn more (or whatever your goal is). If you understand its purpose and take the "carrot-and-stick" approach with it, you can optimally use it for progress in life.

As it results into conscious actions, many people are constantly on a lookout for what the "drive" is all about. 1) As superiority bias works from LB, i.e. unconsciously, and as 2) VP tries to make sense of conscious effort resulting out of the same and as 3) earning or having wealth and power (which works through VP) is the most commonly available analogy for superiority bias, they are often taken to be conscious counterparts of unconscious drives like sex, hunger, etc., making them greedy in acquiring wealth (which can also buy power), which goes way beyond the needs of earning security money for their lifetime, mainly because of its self propelling nature.

In detail: When a person becomes successful in acquiring wealth using his unconscious drive of superiority bias, he is typically considered to be superior to his counterparts, which connects his superiority bias to his effort of creating wealth, thus giving significance to his superiority bias, resulting into the drive being stronger, resulting into his increased effort in creating wealth, increasing the chances of success, and so on, thus becoming self propelling. Such unconscious drive makes some people live their entire lives under its influence

While living under its influence is what it is designed for, it is the unconscious influence it has on conscious thoughts of a person that pose risk, as made possible by the ability of making free will decisions, which can steer the drive into what can be detrimental for him, but can be resolved by consciously knowing its purpose (explained earlier).

To summarize what is explained till now, inherited strength of hard-wired biases resulting from thousands of generations of evolutionary process (more under title Inherited Strength) is so high, that when necessary, DOS even disregards the very purpose (of logical processing) of its most fundamental mechanism, i.e. IPS, revealing the fact once again that evolution is result oriented, not process oriented

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