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Although its origin, workings and purpose are not known, the phenomenon is known as illusory superiority, better-than-average effect, or by the same name, i.e. superiority bias. Such pervasive phenomenon, which runs in each and every human being, is sometimes confused for superiority complex, which is when a person conceals his knowledge of being inferior by pretending to be superior, e.g. in status, intelligence, power, possessions, etc., (however, when a person realizes his inferiority, it is his superiority bias that drives his superiority complex).

Can you spot it? If any status or result of any effort, either your own or someone else's, makes you feel superior, superiority bias may be influencing you.

It is not that superiority bias puts words into your mind to make you feel superior. It is just a push, which aids you in feeling superior when opportunities for the same arise. Its unconscious push (which varies from person to person based on the inherited strength of such bias and social interactions) tries to influence you in any which way it can, in which, it can work even in the cases where you have acquired wealth, knowledge, power, possessions, etc., without any effort or where the superiority is of no use.

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