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Superiority Bias: Each and every person in the world, consciously or unconsciously, is of the opinion that he is superior in whatever he is doing and/or possessing is of a superior than the actual status (excluding those with mental disorders). When proved otherwise, either it is ignored or the blame is given to circumstances, which is blamed to other circumstances, and so on (which is just one example amongst many). I call it "Superiority Bias". As it is stored and run by LB, a person is not consciously aware of it, unless he scrutinizes his judgments taken in past events (i.e. in retrospect), which is self-defeating, i.e. if a person has superiority bias, why does he need to scrutinize his judgments when he knows he is superior? What's more, as its origin is not known, it is not easy to avoid its effect.

It is possible that a person has no sign of superiority bias in his conscious mind, but even when unknown to him, his conscious thoughts are influenced by it. Putting it differently, superiority bias reaches a person as an inner feeling and may not include conscious thoughts through which a person understands the biased logic, where he either does not follow it or refuses having it. The latter often feel superior for the very reason they don't feel superior, when most people they meet do, which demonstrates how deeply rooted the bias is.

The reason why intramural communication gets influenced by such bias, even when it may not agree with VP's logic, is that VP takes for granted whatever information is given by LB as far as logic is concerned, as it is inferior in the aspect of logical processing. For the same reason, VP mostly uses its logical processing capabilities for its own internal use, i.e. to construct its arguments, and not to argue with LB.

However, VP may invoke interest, based on its own observations (which it does when it does not have anything significant to do) or based on information received from external sources, in exploring the logic when it is simple enough for its capabilities, which it does as both VP and LB work together to reach common goals (this is when a person may become subconsciously or consciously aware of the bias). In such cases, it is possible that the constant push by LB to honour its biased logic has to succumb to VP's simple reasoning, which does not typically happen for two reasons:

1) As VP has to constantly keep applying its logic against hard-wired push received from LB on every occasion it argues, which happens even on the recurrence of the same interaction, the process becomes cumbersome, as it has to resume the argument after LB pushes to break it on a continuous basis (which is similar to interruption of intramural communication in pain mechanism, but without any intensity values). Resuming the argument this way consumes a high amount of VP utilization time, which is detrimental for DOS, as it is designed to always optimize its operations by saving as much VP utilization time as possible (more under title VP Utilization Time), and

2) Just like other mechanisms that are hard-wired in LB, superiority bias is a result of thousands of generations of evolutionary design, disregarding which may be detrimental even when held against following simple logic. In other words, with the super-optimized design of DOS (i.e. brain), hard-wired bias has to have some purpose, disregarding which will lose its utility.

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