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The reason for the same is that contradicting behaviour in split-brain patients does not happen when there is no conflict between VP and LB. Putting it differently, it is not possible that VP and LB will have very strong but different opinions about, e.g., tying shoelaces. It only happens when they are of two equally strong but different opinions about something, which I call "Intramural Conflict" (which often result out of desired and constrained conditions), and the disconnected hemispheres are barring VP and LB to resolve the issue using intramural communication.

One more trend they found was that split-brain patients are less likely to talk about their feelings and emotions. The reason for the same is, as mentioned earlier, that feelings and emotions emerge in VP, which is in the right hemisphere, and language functions are in LB, which is in the left hemisphere, and the disconnection between hemispheres is barring them to voice them out.

The above demonstrates how decades-old mystery of such contradictory phenomena, which were unreachable even after using the currently available high-tech equipment, can be easily understood using DF analysis.

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